Basic Principles, oil on MDF board, 238×249 cm




Casual Illusion, oil on MDF board, 125×125 cm




Washing kopia

Washing, oil on MDF board, 250×210 cm




8 Untitled Not yet titled, oil on MDF 125×125 cm




Double Care 2017Double Care, oil on MDF board, 125×125 cm




Plum Happening, oil on MDF board, 236,5×246 cm




Untitled (lighter)Untitled, oil on MDF board, 143×115 cm




4 Within ReasonWithin Reason, oil on MDF, 68×68 cm




5 Untitled (Jointed Argument).JPGUntitled (Jointed Argument), oil on MDF board, 125×125 cm




On a Clear Day, oil on plexi, 168×177 cm


photo: Giulia Cairone


24 (1)-22

Installation shot from Morning Dew on the Field of Surrender, 2017